Bonjour Gorgeous!

The Can Can Parleur is so much more than LA’s first eco-friendly, non-toxic nail & foot spa…it is where the mindful goddess goes to receive nourishment for her nails, her body & her spirit.

We know powerful women take a stand for what they believe in, thus we wanted to share our Core Values so you can see what you are supporting and standing for when you come to be pampered at the Can Can Parleur.

Core Values

We are here to nourish your nails, your body, & your soul.

We are committed to never exposing you, our technicians or Mother Earth to harmful chemicals.

Whether motivated by pregnancy, illness, a sensitivity to smells & toxins in the air, or sheer awareness of our oneness with all that is, we are a community of wellness-minded women who are mindful of what we put on our bodies.

Key ways we demonstrate our commitments

  • We offer an oxygenating medical grade, 10 free gel
  • Our products are vegan/cruelty free & carcinogen free 
  • We utilize the highest quality of wild-crafted products available
  • Because we employ a gentle polish remover, the Parleur does NOT smell like nail polish 
  • Our polish selection is curated to compliment every skin tone
  • Our fabric is sage, natural and free of chemicals – no skin irritation!

Message from the founder:

Bonjour mon cheri! 

My intention for the Can Can Parleur is that it be a temporary escape from all the daily stress… a place where women stay to relax & enjoy a  soul nurturing, holistic environment.

I opened the Parleur because I wanted a beautiful, nourishing, non-toxic experience for myself but couldn’t find one without breaking the bank. 

As my beautiful daughters grew and became more independent, I dedicated myself to creating the haven I sought…And after putting my all into designing every detail I can honestly say, the Can Can Parleur experience is like no other! I consider it to be an extension of my home. What appears to be carefully curated staging are actually the personal effects of my travels and even valuable family heirlooms. My heart is in this place!

From one powerful woman to another, I would be honored if you would come by and allow us to pamper you, support you, uplift you, & love you. You’ll leave with beautiful nails, and a refreshed & renewed energy to face whatever your day holds. I’ll have herbal tea brewing for you.



Founder, Mother, Licensed Manicurist, Essential Oil Blender, Kick-ass Latina, Green Goddess Enthusiast, Nurturer of All